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Green Industry Captive, LLC is dedicated to helping small business owners turns their traditional insurance program into a growth strategy for their business by allowing them to profit off of their well controlled loss performance.


How do I join?

All you need to do is contact us at info@greenindustrycaptive.com.

Will I still have the same coverage?

Yes. Your coverage will be the exact same, if not better, than your current insurance program.

How long am I committed?

There is no commitment. If at any point you want to leave and go back to your traditional insurance program you are free to do so.

Will I risk having to pay more money out of pocket if I have an unexpected large loss?

No. The Green Industry Captive has something called reinsurance, which is the exact same thing that protects traditional insurance carriers. Reinsurance will prevent you from ever having to pay more than your initial yearly premium.

Will another member's large loss affect how much profit I receive?

Potentially. If the group has above average losses during the policy period then the amount of returned profit you receive could be affected, but you will never owe any extra money. The worst case scenario would be that you do not get any returned profit for the year, which is the exact position you are in with your current traditional insurance program.

Can I keep my current agent?

Yes. If you are happy with your current agent you can keep them while being a part of the Green Industry Captive. However, if you go direct with us you receive an extra 5% discount on your yearly premiums.

If you have any questions about how the Green Industry Captive works contact us at info@greenindustrycaptive.com.