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At Green Industry Captive, LLC we partner with insurance agents to help them serve their Green Industry client by placing them into our exclusive Green Industry Captive


What is the relationship between Green Industry Captive, LLC and the agent?

Green Industry Captive, LLC plays the role of the insurance carrier. The only difference between Green Industry Captive, LLC and the traditional insurance carrier is that your client now gets to profit off of their own performance rather than making the insurance carrier rich.

If I place a client in the Green Industry Captive how long are they committed?

Just like with a traditional insurance carrier, you can move your client out of the Green Industry Captive at any point you would like.

Will my client's coverage change?

Coverage is provided by an A rated carrier on admitted paper. The coverages offered will be the exact same as the client's traditional insurance program, often times even better.

What happens at renewals?

Renewals will happen the same way as with the traditional insurance program. The agent will be responsible for providing updated renewal exposures prior to renewal as well as presenting the renewal to the client.

Who will provide the day to day service for the client?

The agent will continue to service the day to day needs of the client.

Where do I place the other lines of business that aren't part of the captive?

You have the freedom to place those lines of business with any carrier of your choosing, or we have carrier partners that you can write them through in most cases.

If you have any questions about how the Green Industry Captive works contact us at info@greenindustrycaptive.com.