We Help Landscape Businesses Recapture A Large Portion of Their Annual Insurance Premium

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Here's how it works...

Our goal is to teach. We realize that your insurance program is an important part of your business and needs to be correct. We want you to understand how a captive strategy works and how it can impact your business. We know that only after understanding these aspects can you make an informed business decision. If our Green Industry Captive is something you want to move forward with, we will walk with you through the process of making the switch.


Understand the Captive Strategy

We will walk you through a 30,000 foot overview of what a captive is, why it works and why you may want to consider it for your business. We will also discuss the multiple benefits of a captive and why you may not have heard of it before.


Discover if a Captive is profitable for your business

We will provide a pro forma illustration that will show you EXACTLY how much premium you would have recaptured over each of the last 5 years as if you had already been in the captive program.


Receive a Captive Proposal

We will provide a Captive Proposal outlining the EXACT costs for your business to join our Green Industry Captive program. This includes a full cost breakdown with complete transparency.


Captive Transition

Joining our Green Industry Captive program does not require any more effort from your team than switching insurance carriers within your current insurance program. With that being said, during our Captive Transition Call we will clearly layout the process and walk with your team through every step to ensure a smooth transition.


Ongoing Program Management

We will work with your current broker to manage your program and guide you in loss control practices that have been proven to lower losses and increase your profitability within the captive program. The day to day servicing of your insurance program, making adjustments to your policies and providing Certificates of Insurance will not change from how it currently with your broker.

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This strategy call is perfect for Landscape businesses that are:

  • Frustrated with high insurance premiums.
  • Interested in turning their insurance premiums into a profit center.
  • Leaders in their industry.
  • Financially stable.
  • Above average in their loss performance (i.e. not filing many claims).

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